Calibrate to Capacity | Yogahour weekend Workshop with Neda Draupadi Honarvar, 27–28 octombrie


Learn both prac­ti­cal and nuan­ced alig­n­ment tech­ni­qu­es to power and pro­gress your prac­ti­ce, plea­se prac­ti­ce. Along with the main­stream, this inten­si­ve also pla­y­ful­ly explo­res the more sel­dom seen poses (all of whi­ch are more doa­ble than they are diffi­cult).

The full spec­trum mor­ning ses­sions focus on stan­ding poses and back-ben­ds. Each mor­ning ses­sion will be a diffe­rent sequ­en­ce.

The after­noon ses­sions cover a wide vari­e­ty of forward fol­ds, twists, and arm balan­ces. Each after­noon ses­sion will be simi­lar yet dis­tinct from the other. 

*Plea­se note: this All Levels wor­k­shop is sui­ta­ble for anyo­ne witho­ut sig­ni­fi­cant inju­ries or limi­ta­tions.

*Regis­tra­tion limi­ted to 25 yogis*


10am-12:30pm: Cali­bra­te to Capa­ci­ty: stan­ding poses and back-ben­ds
2–4:30pm: Cali­bra­te to Capa­ci­ty: forward fol­ds, twists, and arm balan­ces

10am-12:30pm: Cali­bra­te to Capa­ci­ty: stan­ding poses and back-ben­ds
2–4:30pm: Cali­bra­te to Capa­ci­ty: forward fol­ds, twists, and arm balan­ces


Stu­di­o­ul Uni­ver­sul
Stre­et Actor Ion Brez­o­ia­nu 23–25, Bucu­rești 030167
Insi­de the buil­ding Pala­tul Uni­ver­sul, 6 flo­or


$40 per ses­sion or $135 for the who­le wee­kend
No refun­ds, exchan­ges or trans­fers.
*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL* Regis­ter by August 31st and save 10%.

Neda spea­ks abo­ut Yoga­ho­ur: ☀
„When I took my fir­st Yoga­ho­ur trai­ning, I alrea­dy had 4 trai­ning under my belt. Each one offe­red me some­thing diffe­rent and won­der­ful but none of them trans­for­med my voice as a tea­cher more than Yoga­ho­ur did. I fir­m­ly beli­e­ve in the tea­chi­ng tech­no­lo­gies Yoga­ho­ur offers and use them in all my cla­s­ses, from Vinya­sa cla­s­ses to wor­k­shops and beyond. They are solid, tried and true, and have given me a much dee­per under­stan­ding of and the abi­li­ty to clear­ly and effi­cien­tly com­mu­ni­ca­te the sub­tle­ti­es of alig­n­ment and inner wor­kin­gs of the poses in a way that has made me feel suppor­ted, con­fi­dent, and free when I tea­ch.

Yoga­ho­ur as a prac­ti­ce has also offe­red me so much more balan­ce betwe­en stren­gth and mobi­li­ty in my prac­ti­ce and a fra­mework that sus­tains me and keeps me from bur­ning out as a prac­ti­tio­ner and tea­cher of yoga phy­si­ca­l­ly, ener­ge­ti­ca­l­ly, and emo­tio­na­l­ly. ”

Abo­ut Neda Drau­pa­di Honar­var, E-RYT 500

Known for her fie­ry natu­re and deep desi­re to make Yoga acces­si­ble, Neda’s tea­chi­ng sty­le reflects her pas­sion and pla­y­ful­ne­ss as well as her dedi­ca­tion to the scien­ce and dis­ci­pli­ne of Yoga. Her cla­s­ses are an enga­ging blend of clear, direct, alig­n­ment-based instruc­tion and ski­ll­ful sequ­en­cing; expect hard work and play with gene­ro­us ser­vin­gs of swe­at and lau­gh­ter. Neda is the owner of Tou­gh Love Yoga, the cre­a­tor of Metal Yoga, and a Yoga­ho­ur tea­cher trai­ner. She main­tains an acti­ve tea­chi­ng sche­du­le loca­l­ly and inter­na­tio­na­l­ly, inclu­ding pri­va­te and gro­up cla­s­ses, wor­k­shops, retre­ats, fes­ti­vals, and tea­cher trai­ning. Neda has train­ed over 100 Yoga instruc­tors and is the Pro­gram Direc­tor of Tou­gh Love Yoga Tea­cher Trai­ning, whi­ch offers 200 hour and 300 hour alig­n­ment-based Haṭha-yoga pro­grams regis­te­red with the Yoga Alli­an­ce.

Neda’s love for tea­chi­ng is second only to her pas­sion for lear­ning, beli­e­ving that being a stu­dent of Yoga has and con­ti­nu­es to trans­form the capa­ci­ty and poten­ti­al of her mind, body, and heart. She has been prac­ti­cing Yoga for over 18 years and is a devo­ted stu­dent of her belo­ved guru Ma Jaya Sati Bha­ga­vati and her tea­cher and men­tor Dar­ren Rho­des. 

Off the mat, Neda can be found gal­li­van­ting abo­ut Atlan­ta with her hus­band Dan and their Dober­man Pin­schers THOR & JUNO ♥

Plea­se con­tact local orga­ni­zer Ioa­na Hudi­ță at 0726026315 with any ques­tions.

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